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tv   Media Buzz  FOX News  April 27, 2014 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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thank you for were watching "house call." more information on the doctors' facebook. >> on the buzz beater, president obama oversees and underfire as a columnist says he has a certain shortcoming. >> man is a problem in the middle east. >> is that a low blow? or are the media holding the media accountable? >> bundy has blatantly racist remarks. >> and we talk to david gregory as "meet the press" looks to third place.
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>> and an actress homing way going up in a crazy family plagued by suicide and why she is going public with her painful path. >> i can't deny when margot committed suicide which is an incredible surprise i thought, the baton is passed to me, and now who else does it go to? >> her feelings on the abuse allegations against her one-time co-star, woody allen. >> this is "media buzz." >> tmz is a hollywood site that breaks very big news such obtaining a tape of the owner of the clippers in an argument with his girlfriend who post add picture of herself with magic johnson and sperling said do not
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bring him to anymore games. >> that bothers me a lot you want to broadcast that you are associated with black people. i'm just saying, in your lousy [ blank ] instagrams you don't have to have yourself with black people. >> we have our guests including matt lewis, and dana milbank. does it matter how they obtained this tape from sperling? >> as long as it is not fake or edited poorly, no. unless you are at journalism in ethics class. no one remembers who broke what, who paid for what. remember, radar got a recording
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of mel gibson saying he beat his girlfriend and threatening her live and it is part of of the persona of that person. >> and even president obama called sperling "ignorant." and the now former girlfriend, sources are motivated by revenge but tmz has the tape and it is not he said-she said. >> if it is authentic it is horrific. clearly, this underscours the fact that latent racism is a thing among supposedly sophisticated people. the other angle --. >> people who employ african-americans to put the ball in the hoop on their team. >> in an industry that is african-american and expect conservative outlooks to point
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out past contributions to democrats. >> i will bring in dana and the media angle. every news organization on the planet following tmz's lead in reporting the contents of the audio tape. it is very than a few years ago when they were per weary. >> it is not the site but we have reached a point where everyone has a smartphone with audio and video capability. think of the most damaging thing to romney was a bartender film ing him. it was a private event. everyone has a camera or audio. if it is not challenged, it does not appear to be in this case, you are good to go. >> the clippers put out a statement saying, not challenging, but saying if it is true, raising questions of the
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we women identified who it is believed she gave the tape to tmz and weeks ago her situation, shall we say? >> what a mess. it seems the wife of the owner sued the girlfriend for, what does they say... >> it has been calls embezzlement. >> she was given cars and expensive clothes and money. >> by her close friend donald sperling. >> that seems to muddy what is happening which is that allegedly if the tape is correct this man is a racist. >> that conclusion is hard to avoid. we will see how the investigation goes. >> he has history that he paid $3 million to settle a federal housing discrimination suit he was accused of pushing black and
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latino renters out of his housing properties. >> this is a segue to a story everyone is talked about, bunz -- bundy became a folk hero but there have been some outrageously we race comments being made at the ranch. >> i want to tell you another thing i know about the negative grow. the older people, the kids and at least half a dozen people sitting on the porch and they didn't have nothing to do, they didn't have nothing for the kids to do and they didn't have nothing for the young girls to do and because they we was, basically, on a subsidy, so, now what do they do? they abort their young children, they put their young men in jail because they never learned how to pick cotton.
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i have wondered, are they better off with slaves picking cotton and doing things? or are they better off under government subsidy? >> matt, this guy was built up as a symbol of resistance to overzealous federal authorities. that could be true. it got many hours of coverage. in light of the racist comments that he repeated, was it a mistake? >> absolutely. i remember before fox news, before the rise of talk radio and i don't want to go back to those days when there was a major media filter but it is worth asking, is a conservative media a note negative the conservative movement? he was a story before fox jumped on it and talk radio jumped on it but they elevated him and turned him into a folk hero and
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to egg on the story and when he showed himself to be a racist that ends up impugning the conservative movement, unfairly, but, you could say, you built hill up as a hero and now msnbc and liberal outlets will spend weeks on this pushing the narrative that conservatives are evil and racist. >> do not apply to everyone but in my view fox was short on this story on thursday, all day long until special report at 6:00 p.m. there was no mention of the remarks wench else covered it and to ignore 9 we storage at a time when the network among others devoted a lost time to covering the story and to building up bundy that gives ammunition. >> i salute your manhood for
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bringing up this issue. it is an important discussion. this was largely a fox news-driven story. >> you don't agree with matt it is conservative media? >> it may have been out there but this is the 800-pound gorilla. that put this on the radar screen for the whole nation. >> do not forget the bureau of land management showed up with armed guards and it doesn't take away from the argument this guy, although he was a law breaker --. >> it was foreseeable. the problem is people con truce people who are interested in small government, the tea party, with something entirely different. this is far out on the fringe, this is anarchy. >> president obama said something everything about the clippers' owner, if you give
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ignorant people the time they will destroy themselves, and he said that recently and he did that to bundy. conservative outlets expected this be to like ruby ridge where he would be turned into a martyr and that would be the best for conservatives but president obama gave him enough rope to hang himself. >> this wasn't getting any coverage on the fox website on thursday. you wrote a twitter column. >> it has 4,000-plus comments in a couple of hours. >> the media when they are going after someone they make into a folk hero like cindy sheehan who lost her son in iraq and staged a protest at bush's a and said she didn't pay her taxes, or didn't think she should and the
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president should be impeached. when you build up something like that and don't take the opportunity to vet someone it will come back and bite. >> when it broke in the "new york times", krauthammerer, and o'reilly, and shawn hannity all denounced this and hannity got the most attention because he gave him the biggest lot -- biggest attention. >> they are racist. bigoted. it is beyond disturbing. they are demorable and unfortunate that he holds those views. >> i give him credit for saying that. >> i give him credit, too, i believe he went on to say that he was still supportive of that
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rebellion and the problem is, you cannot have him ala carte. it was foreseeable. >> "new york times" had this on videotape and it we was made by someone on cell phone. it put the racist portion on the jump of the story. >> send me a tweet about our show and we will read some of your messages later in the program. my interview with hemingway on the media and hollywood we culture but one comment that the president has a manhood problem 679 are the pundits too harsh? cars are driven by people. they're why we innovate. they're who we protect. they're why we make life less complicated.
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david brooks has been widely quoted this week, the conservative "new york times" columnist was on nbc's "meet the press" and had this to say about foreign policy. >> let's face it, obama deservedly or not, does have -- i'll say it crudely -- but a manhood problem in the middle east. is he tough enough to stand up to someone like putin. in the middle east, there's an assumption he's not tough. >> he's talked to president obama a number of times. he's not an obama hater. you wouldn't think he'd go there with that manhood phrase. >> very alpha male. if you show the rest of the clip, chuck todd agrees with him, even inside the white house, this is a question. margaret thatcher was a woman. she was tough. the iron lady. when you inject masculinity and
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sexuality into it, it seems personal. toughness is a fair thing to bring up. >> forget about chuck todd. dana milbank wrote the column which was quoted on fox news this day. you said of his asia trip, he essentially is a tourist. the problem isn't that he pro-ekt,s weakness, it's that he doesn't project much of anything. it sounds like liberals are banning the president. >> i wasn't questioning his manhood for sure. >> you were using different words. >> i think that was the problem with what david did there. i suspect if he had those words to use over again, he might have chosen different ones. it's certainly a long-standing and legitimate complaint to say is this president forceful enough? i wasn't asking for a different policy. i was saying whatever your policy is, keep articulating it. don't keep hopscotching around the globe and getting distracted from what your actual agenda is. i think that's a fair criticism. i suspect it's better not to
2:18 pm
question the manhood of the president. particularly because it throws a lot of gasoline on the fire already when we're having a lot of racially charged rhetoric out there that i'm sure david did not mean to inject. >> even though david brooks did qualify it, the headlines also challenged his manhood, he did qualify, as we heard, it got him noticed, breaks through the static. >> it's mean spirited editing in some ways. you take what you want to hear about manhood and you forget that he said, whether deserved or not, or you know, they left out all of the -- >> i think it's a bad wrap. >> he gets a bum wrap. that's why people hate the media. >> reason 972. >> right. because things that are taken are small pieces, this has happened to me, i'm sure to everyone else at this table, when what you say afterwards is ignored. >> at the same time, can you imagine david brooks writing this in "the new york times" as opposed to saying this on a sunday roundtable?
2:19 pm
>> he's criticized the president. >> for using the manhood phrase? >> i doubt it. i doubt it. i doubt it. >> has this changed the media climate now where we'll see more criticism in the backdrop is ukraine, with western allies not being able to stop what putt an pears on the verge of doing. are we going to see more criticism among foreign affairs. >> this is smart pr for david brooks. he gets atension. it's smart for the media outlet that misrepresent what he says. look at what's happening in ukraine, it's fair. >> i think every time we turn to foreign policy, there will be the criticism from the right that this president's weakness. i don't think americans will care a whole lot about foreign policy. >> they don't. americans traditionally are uninterested in what happens. the middle east could be, you know, an example of where they don't. but i think that it's in our dna or at least in tv watchers' dna
2:20 pm
not to care whether or not the president is at a state dinner in malaysia. >> or eating great sushi. >> or bowing to a robot. >> this becomes a narrative. the problem is when narratives stick. >> this narrative is over for now. dana milbanks, matt lewis. thank you very much. nbc orders an assessment of david gregory. what's up with that? and later, mariel hemingway, what's it like dealing with the media having been a celebrity since she was 16. >> i have to be honest. i'm not the best celebrity. i don't believe in living out loud and airing everything. i don't feel that that is -- i think it's uninteresting. ke it says here that a won's sex drive increases at the age of 80. helps reduce the risk of heart disse. keep hrt-healthy. live long. eat the 100% goodness of post shreddedheat. doctorrecommend it.
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other serious stomach conditions may exist. avoid if you take clopidogrel. for 24 hour support, automatic refills, and free home delivery, enroll at it's the nexium you know, now delivered. there was a time when "meet the press" was the dominant sunday morning show under the
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late tim russert. but it slipped to third place under david gregory who has a very different style. >> if you don't have the ability to shoot off 30 rounds without reloading that possibly you could reduce the loss of life. >> to the extent you have aided and abetted snowden, even in his current moments, why shouldn't you, mr. greenwald, be charged with a crime? >> things have reached ai point where nbc tried to improve gregory's performance by hiring what t"the washington post" called a psychological consult and the to talk to his family and friends. why have david gregory and "meet the press" slipped to third place? >> "a" it was a bad choice right out of the box. i'll tell you two reasons. one, david gregory has -- i'm just talking about the persona. god knows the person has been savaged enough this week. he has no passion. tim russert was steeped in
2:25 pm
passion. it wasn't just passion for politics. it was a passion when he interviewed. he would be the prosecutor. he would laugh sometimes. this is a cool, hollow, flat character on television. >> off the air david gregory is a very funny guy who used to call into the show and do impersonations. i think he got more serious when russert died. >> he felt he had to is gravitas but it didn't work. it was the opposite. not coming across as having the passion for politics that russert had, he had a producer betsy fisher martin who was steeped in politics and was plugged in and had all that energy. she filled some of that void for him, number one, until she left. now who did they replace her with? they replaced her with rob yaron, a tv consultant, essentially from a consultant
2:26 pm
he give you? phony ways to create passion. it's absolutely true. >> what we know he's doing or what david gregory is doing is trying to quicken the pace of the broadcast with shorter enter views, faster paced segments this happens in tv all the time. i wrestle with this all the time. the thing that made russert such a signature player are the longer interviews where you could drill down on an evasive politician. >> those are consultant tricks to try to get around what's not there at the core. in addition to a lack of passion, gregory also has a lack, again, this is a persona on tv, of authenticity. tim russert was an authentic person who cared about the buffalo bill. >> few of us are tim russert. >> bob schieffer is. bob schieffer. there's an authenticity to him that connects with the audience out there in america. this is your cool, flat tv host. this is what a consultant will give you.
2:27 pm
they have robbed the soul of tv news. >> he ran this by an nbc spokeswoman twice, nbc employed a psychological consult and the to talk to gregory's wife and friends to bring him alive on the air. gregory said this is utter fiction. nbc now saying it was a brand consultant. leaving aside the sman tiemanti what does that say. >> they're trying to find out if there's an authentic person there, too. it also tells me, nbc news itself, in fairness to gregory, nbc news itself is in a big downturn. >> he has a history as a good journalist, aside from whether he's a good anchor, good question. i have half a minute. the wrap on david gregory is that also he favors democrats, that he's harder on conservative guests. fair or unfair? >> i don't want to go there. i don't want to make this judgment. really, this is a disaster to
2:28 pm
lose the show the way they've lost it, you know? along with their morning, along with their evening show is getting beaten. this is a management problem. i take it back to steve capus, who is now again, who hired him. i really do, howie. i think this is a larger problem for nbc news. they're better off blowing it up than trying to consult. >> sunday morning is very competitive. thanks for coming by this sunday. ahead, new e-mails shows how cozy cnn got with rahm emanuel for a mini series starring the chicago mayor. up next, mariel hemingway going public with the suicides going public with the suicides in her fa ♪ i know a thing about an ira ♪ and i got the tools ♪ to do it my way ♪ i got a lock on equities ♪ that's why i'm type e ♪ ♪ that's why i'm tyyyyype eeeee, ♪
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it gives you a fair purchase price that's based on what others recently for the same car and kelley blue book's trusted pricing expertise. it all adds up to the confidence that you'll get a great deal. that's just another way helps you make a smart new car decision. >> right now who are tracking potentially dangerous weather. very powerful storms are coming
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down on the plains and the midwest. forecasters are warning that the threat of tornadoes is growing as the day goes on. there is a state of emergency in north carolina following a tornado on friday night where more than 200 peoples were damaged, 16 injured. unprecedented ceremony today at the vatican where pope francis declared popes john 23 and john paul ii saints, the first time two were canonized as onces. the crowd was estimated to be 800,000 adding to the history-making moment, the presence of the reigning pope and a retired pope celebrating mass together for the first time ever. hemingway has endured plenty
2:33 pm
of tragedy and stars in a documentary about her family on oprah's network called "running from crazy." >> it was like the kennedy family with the tragedies and we were the other american family that has this horrible curse. >> i come from seven sue sighs. perhaps more. >> i spoke to her from los angeles. >> welcome. >> hi! >> in this documentary you talk openly about your parents' alcoholism and seven suicides in your family, your grandfather, of course,ses with as your sister who was an actress. is it hard to talk about these things? >> people ask me, it must be so difficult but i have been talking about it for a good long time and that is the point of the documentary. i didn't do this because i think
2:34 pm
my story is so incredible i did it because i think so many people share in the fear of talking about this issue, about suicides and mental illness and it runs in more of our families than we recognize and by talking about it i truly believe the healing can start. >> do you think the media is drawn to your story and the question of mental illness because you have a famous last name? because there has to be celebrity factor. >> of course, you look at a family and you say, hemingway has this or that. what people are not looking at or they will, and kind of my passion in life, explore how great -- i've been given not just depression and suicide but given great creativity and an amazing lineage so it is the ability to look at the good and
2:35 pm
bad things so you can have a holistic view of your life. it is about awareness where we come from and when you have an awareness of your family and heritage and everything that makes up the beauty of who you are, you can make informed decisions of your own well-being, health, and wellness. >> do you worry as your sister took her life you, too, would be crazier than the little bit we all be? >> i cannot deny when margot committed suicide which was an incredible surprise, i thought, the baton has been passed to me. who else does it go to? i have an older sister who suffers from mental illness who is wonderful, actually in the movie. after many years of mindfulness and awareness training and working on life-style -- food
2:36 pm
and exercise and health -- i believe i found a way of living my life that keeps me in balance and it is important i for others to know that there is help out there and ways living your life. i am not saying it is the solution for every problem but it is part of the solution. >> the fact that you write books about fitness and nutrition and you are an advocate for a healthy lifestyle is not an accident but your way of coping with the craziness you came from? >> absolutely. no mistake. the reason why i did it essentially because i was scared and i was trying to survive. then it became about, my gosh, i know so much about this and my life is more balanced and happy, and i feel good every day and i want to share that with people.
2:37 pm
i know how we live our every day life, the normal things, how do you wake up in the morning, i wrote my latest book called "running with nature," i would with my partner and that is what this is about, exploring the simple things we do each day and how that creates happiness, joy, well-being, it balances the brain. it is part of a big other conversation and i want people to know there are many different ways to address this issue. >> no magic formula with no ten steps to happy life, everyone has to find the answer for themselves. >> there is no pill to take. we as a society we thing, well, if i take something it will be good. it could be a good way to give yourself a break but not the only solution. >> i wonder because your grandfather killed himself a few months before you were born yet, obviously, his legacy has loomed
2:38 pm
large for you. is that strange? >> well, here is what is funny we, i have then been maril smith, i have only been a hemingway and it is odd because he is so big and i never met him, he is bigger than life, he is considered one of the greatest writers of the 20th century so that is big but it is such an honor to be part of a legacy that is so creative, so full of imagination we we and that is the part of what irvine merited that is extraordinary. i feel as if i am just going to bible into what that really means for my own life. i no longer fear going crazy or doing that, i am, like, wow, we have a clip in the movie about that, it is a family about joe
2:39 pm
and happiness and there doesn't have to be hand in hand with depression and sadness and suicide. it is about, find what is good about this, find the positive in this, and work from there. >> more my conversation in a moment including her thoughts on the allegations against her old friend and co-star, woody allen.
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more now of my conversation with mariel hemingway. >> you've been in the media spotlight ever since you made the movie "manhattan" deck okays ago. has that men the, especially when you were younger and now, dealing with the gossip and rumors about your life, how do you cope with that? a lot of people aren't in love with that part of celebrity. >> you know what, i am so not -- i have to be honest, i'm not the best celebrity. >> you're failing at the task of being an a-list celebrity? you're admitting this right now? >> i'm just failing. i just don't go to events. i know, i went to the golden globes this year. that was i abig deal. it was fun. it's if unthat i don't do it that often like i do, i'm looking around like, wow, i know him. >> you do that because you want your privacy? is that a deliberate lifestyle
2:44 pm
choice. >> i am a very private person. i don't -- you know, it's ironic that i made a documentary but it's not a reality show. a documentary. there's a story being told. i don't believe in living out loud and, like, airing everything. i don't feel that that is -- i think it's uninteresting. i think it makes for an, actually, very unare interesting person. i would rather see people be dynamic and show creativity and where they could go. not that i don't love reality but real reality to me is exploring and having different adventures and seeing what you can do with your life and create new things. >> not just being a bald-faced name in those gossip columns? >> exactly. exactly. >> we know a lot about your life. it is true that your first kiss at the age of 16 was with? >> woody allen. i fully have to admit that. i mean, it's no the that i didn't kiss anybody.
2:45 pm
that was my first make joout session. >> in front of the camera. >> i remember when they said, cut. i said -- i looked at the camera and i said, i don't have to do that again, do i? >> so now that "the new york times" and mia farrow ahave brought up this older allegations of child molestation on woody allen's part, you know him, he denies this strenuously. how does that make you feel? >> i -- you know, i don't pretend to know what goes on behind closed doors. i don't know mia. i know woody. i think that he's an incredible filmmaker and i love him as a human being and as an artist. you know, that stuff i know nothing about. i don't condone that behavior. but i find it unusual that somebody who never did that all of a sudden does that. but i don't know. i really -- that would be -- >> we don't know the truth of what happened.
2:46 pm
i just wondered how you felt about watching that come back in the news? >> it's sad. it's very sad. because both sides are in pain, obviously. >> yes, obviously. many actresses talk about the difficulty of finding good parts as they get older. do you find yourselves doing battle with the youth obsessed culture of hollywood, like that sign behind you? >> there is a youth-obsessed culture. the good news is, as you get older, there's always a part for somebody's mom or grandmother. >> i don't see you being cast as grandma. >> well, i don't think so. >> not yet. >> here's what's interesting about that. is that television nowadays and television meaning all cable, netflix, and some really great shows on network really show some very fabulous female characters. and i am so excited by that. i'm actually developing a
2:47 pm
television series for tv or cable or whatever it's going to be. because i think that that's the place where a woman can actually express herself in a really powerful way. look at robin wright penn in "house of cards." an extraordinary role. she's in her late 40s -- maybe mid-40s. she doesn't want to be insulted. she looks amazing. >> it's done online. >> it's a great character. >> that's a technological advance that didn't exist five years ago. when you get your series up and running, you have to come back and talk about it. >> i absolutely will. >> mariel hemingway, thanks so much for joining us. >> thank you so much. the own documentary airs tonight. go to our website,
2:48 pm
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2:52 pm
>> maybe this was planned. >> yes. >> maybe this was planned. we all know, only the most devious people would ever plan. >> did you see i was on colbert? >> you're fame out, but i guess he was kind of making fun of you. >> well, he knows talent when he sees it, right? >> i see, that's what it is. >> but he also thought you were a little out there. >> all right. let me get back at him here. i did not say that that is what i thought. i was reporting on what other people were saying. that's what we do in news. >> are you suggesting that this very talented stephen colbert, soon to be the next david letterman, was taking you out of context? >> i think so, and do i work for fox news, and does he do that to fox news all the time?
2:53 pm
yes. >> you're saying he had an agenda. >> oh, i think so. he admitted to you in a "washington post" article that he's a democrat. >> but he made it sound like you were joining the chelsea clinton birther movement and thought hillary and her daughter got together with their calendars and figured out when is the best time to have this baby. >> all i'm saying is some people were saying it. saying it on twitter, writing about it in blogs, you know. got to wring that up if that's the other side of the story. >> do you believe in this conspiracy theory? >> no, no. >> and are you ticked off at colbert? >> no. he's trying to be funny. he's trying to be fun i. i mean, he says himself he's trying to be, you know, high class idiot who is just, you know, funny and it's all satire, so, hey, you know. that's not bad. all publicity is good publicity. >> the headline is you're accusing stephen colbert of being a high class idiot, the stephen colbert character who is a buffoon. >> he's got to stop attacking fox news if i'm going to watch him on "late show.
2:54 pm
". >> unless he puts you on. >> okay, i'll do it. >> best tweets and new e-mails about a reality series showing a about a reality series showing a cozy cars are driven by people. they're why we innovate. about a reality series showing a cozy they're who we protect. they're why we make life less complicated. it's about people.
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for less. because, c'mon. no one ever takes the second biggest cookie. get more with our best plans on the best network. for best results, use verizon. here are a few of your top tweets on the coverage of clive bundy and his racist thoughts. maggie, wake up, no one but fox covered the theft of bundy's cattle yet jumped on the racism. where were the mainstream media on the blm armed assault? >> i respect you for bringing up the racist issue on fox news. it was surely needed to be brought up for discussion. and david gregory's struggles at "meet the press." i think he's been average as host with a strong liberal bias. russert was so good it's an impossible standard to meet. people sought alternatives. >> it's true. when you follow a popular anchor, take deborah norville who had to follow jane pauley
2:58 pm
who had been there for years and years, you know, it's hard to live up to those standards. >> yeah. it's a very unforgiving business on sunday morning and gregory is doing his best, i guess. in our press picks, this media fail. a cnn reality-type series called "chicagoland" turned into a pretty nice platform for rahm emanuel. >> i got talking to this young man, martel, and he was so engaging. he's a wonderful kid. there's something about his personality, and i'm taken with it, and i'm trying to help him knuckle down and buckle down for college. >> well, now we know why "the chicago tribune" obtaining e-mails from the production company working with cnn talking to the democrat mayor's aide pitching a positive portrayal. our need for deeper access to show the best of who he really is and present him as the star that he really is.
2:59 pm
he want more of rahm in the series. rahm will look good making his points. executive producer mark levin who partnered with robert redford says you can't get access in chicago without having to do a certain dance. the end result is what is called myth-making and a re-election campaign vehicle for rahm. cnn not dissipating the e-mails said the mayor's office was never granted editorial control over the content or communications and no agency was ever granted authority to offer the mayor's office editorial control. >> as an executive at "usa today" i did sell to cable networks based on documentary content but at the end of the day, you, "usa today" or cnn, are responsible for all of the communication that happens. >> that was a nondenial denial by cnn. it looks like those e-mails are embarrassing, and it looks like the pitch was that rahm will look good. apparently he did look good. that's it for this edition of "media buzz."
3:00 pm
i'm howard kurtz. check out our facebook page and give us a like. we post video there and engage in a conversation with you. we're back here next sunday morning, 11:00 and 5:00 eastern with the latest buzz. at noon e tomorrow. chris wallace. does a supreme court decision upholding race-based college admissions mark the beginning of the end for affirmative action? >> today this ruling say wonderful victory for the voters of michigan. >> with similar bans in several other states, what does it mean for creating diverse student bodies in our nation's public universities? jennifer rejection by the university of michigan inspired the case. debates of a rights attorney shanta driver who argued for affirmative action before the supreme court. then republican presidential hopefuls court pro-gun advocates. >> th


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